A new year in Corrie brings shock, danger and a killer to worry the cast

The new year on Coronation Street will bring shock, danger and a killer that worries everyone on the cobblestones, according to the show’s producer.

Iain MacLeod gave a hint on the soap’s 2023 storylines, which include a potential serial killer and a “bad boy” to get attention.

In the new year, Stephen Reid, played by Todd Boyce, will become a suspect in the disappearance of Leo Thompkins, whose body was dumped by Stephen in the trash after he killed him.

MacLeod said: “Needless to say, no body stays buried long in soap“.

British Soap Awards 2016 - London

Iain MacLeod at the British Soap Awards 2016 (Matt Crossick/PA)

The producer said other actors were concerned about the prospect of a serial killer, whom he described as having the traits of classic Corrie villain Richard Hillman.

“I know that every time you have a serial killer on the soap, the whole cast is worried,” he said.

“If I ever call an actor and ask if you can come over for a chat, he says, ‘well, Todd will finish me off,’ so it’s pretty funny in that respect.

“A lot of people should be worried.”

He said there will also be a drama in 2023 that will take newcomer Damon Hay, played by Ciarán Griffiths, brother of imprisoned drug dealer Harvey Gaskell.

MacLeod described Damon as a “dangerous character” who was destined to turn the lives of people on the street upside down.

He added: “Tthere’s something about a bad boy here, right? She has this kind of magnetic pull to a prominent female character on the show whose head is turned in a way that has very far-reaching consequences.

He said that at some point there could be a return of Harvey, played by Will Mellor, who recently reached the semi-finals of Strictly Come Dancing.

He said: “I don’t think his status as a legendary tough guy will be diminished too much by wearing a shiny shirt on a Saturday night.

British premiere of Black Adam - London

Will Mellor who played Harvey Gaskell in Coronation Street (Suzan Moore/PA)

The soap’s younger cast will be at the heart of one of the show’s biggest stories in 2023, MacLeod said.

He said: “We hope it’s going to be one of those Coronation Street stories that shocks people a bit and provokes awkward conversations in front of the TV.”

The new year will also witness the climax of the plot, where teenager Max Turner was groomed by a far-right gang.

MacLeod said, “HOver the course of 2023 we will realize his mistakes and a lot of what we do after that is that he will be deprogrammed and not brainwashed.

“After all he’s been through, redemption is on the horizon. It reaches its climax in the first few months, but the side effects, as with all our stories, linger for a very long time.”

Macleod said Harriet Bibby actress Summer Spellman will be saved ‘from oblivion’ by her ‘three fathers’ Billy Mayhew, Todd Grimshaw and Paul Foreman after a storyline where she agreed to sell her baby to a couple.

And he said there could be more for the three father figures.

He added: “Romance is in the air for the two of them, I leave you to try and guess which one it might be.

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