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So many devices, so little time… (Photo: Amazon)

Psst: Did you know that Amazon has a hidden section dedicated to secret sales on its own devices? That’s true! Every day, the retail giant adds and removes deals from this secret hub for several Echo smart devices, Fire TV video streamers, and Kindle e-readers — and the savings are huge. If you want to build a smart home or just want to read mountains of books on one all-in-one screen, you need to know about this site. Here are our current favorite finds.


Amazon Halo team

$40$70Save $30

See how many steps you’ve taken, how well you’ve slept and even your heart rate with this discreet, lightweight activity tracker.

$40 on Amazon

Halo Band tracks a wide range of different health metrics and even gives you access to additional services like Headspace for meditation or recipe lists to help you eat better. It’s even waterproof to 50 meters! And since the device supports Alexa, you can ask her for a health summary if you don’t want to search the app for information.

“Easy to use, light to hand! I’ve tried wearing smartwatches but find it hard to keep them on for 24 hours. The Halo is light and sometimes I don’t even realize I’m still wearing it. Easy sleep and activity tracking The app is easy to use,” said one user.


Fire HD 8 tablet

$75$120Save $45

This popular 8-inch tablet allows you to stream videos, take photos and surf the web for hours. And at $75, it’s much cheaper than investing in an iPad.

$75 on Amazon

The Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet has a display with a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels and an impressive 64 GB of memory. You can also use the front and rear cameras to help you take photos and videos in between watching movies, playing games and reading your favorite books.

“I love this tablet!” shared a five star fan. “This is the right size for me. I had a smaller one from a different brand and didn’t use it much because it didn’t have a big enough screen for me. I love my Amazon Fire and the 8” display makes things so much clearer and fun to watch. It also fits in my bag without taking up too much space, so I can take it with me when I visit my son who lives across the state.”

Insignia is a Fire TV that lets you stream 4K movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, YouTube, Disney+, Prime Video, Sling TV, Paramount+, Peacock, and more. Alexa is built into the remote so you can just find your favorite show with your voice.

“What an amazing TV,” said a five-star reviewer. “I absolutely love it… I got rid of the cable FOREVER. Now I’m a total streamer.”

Want to catch up on reading in 2023 in a modern way? The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition holds all your books yet weighs just six ounces. It also gives you access to Amazon’s gigantic Kindle library – thousands of titles delivered directly to your e-reader. Read to 10 weeks no need to load (not a typo). Paperwhite has a screen that looks like real paper, so you can get more of a real book experience. This kit comes with its own case and stand.

“When I read about the new Kindle Paperwhite, I really couldn’t believe I needed another device, but I’m an avid reader and it just sounded great,” said a satisfied customer. “I ordered. I love it. It reads like a book, has more memory and takes longer to load. It was a great purchase.”

The Echo Show 8 has a compact 8-inch display, making it perfect for squatting anywhere. It also works as a small entertainment hub, giving you access to movies, TV shows, movies or news from Prime Video, Hulu, NBC and more. You can even make video calls and shop online!

“Every day I learn something new that the Echo can do,” said a five-star reviewer. “The quality of the screen is good … So far I’ve used it to check the weather every day, play a few short games. Listen to national news from CBS…”

Sleep is something that no one can get enough of. Even if you sleep eight hours a night, how high-quality is that rest? Amazon’s Halo Rise Sleep Tracker can help you figure it out. It uses a built-in sensor in the device, and most importantly, you don’t have to wear anything to bed. It will tell you how well you sleep and suggest how you can improve your beauty rest.

“I took it to just track my sleep for fun, but wow! I’ve always had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, so I decided to try out this feature that mimics a sunset before bedtime. I’ve slept great ever since. I love my Halo Rise! I bought one for myself and my boyfriend and we both love them,” said one rested reader. “The sleep tracking is almost perfect – the only downside is that I have cats who love to cuddle up to me at night, so sometimes I ‘only sleep for 3 hours’ when I actually get 7 hours. But it’s still nice to know that I apparently have 4 hours of cuddling a kitten.”

If you have a large house, you know the problems of providing Wi-Fi to the farthest corners of the house. The Eero Pro 6 mesh Wi-Fi router can cover up to 2,000 square feet and support over 75 different devices simultaneously. It’s compatible with Wi-Fi 6 for the ultimate in speed, and you can expand your network as needed to create a more reliable and safer internet.

“I originally had a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 Triband router, but since I’m on the 2nd floor, the rooms at the back didn’t get a strong signal. The house is 2019 square feet and even with the antennas (6) I still could barely reach the upper rooms. With the EERO PRO 6 mesh system, I only have one SSID and constant coverage. I had absolutely no signal dropouts, even on all my devices (7 streaming set-top boxes) DIRECTV, 6 Phones, 3 Tablets, Smart Thermostat, Echo Dot, 3 Smart TVs). It was a great buy,” said one user.

If you have Amazon Prime, of course you get free shipping. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial here. (By the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The reviews cited above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication.

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