BBC viewers complain about Mrs Brown’s ‘really awful’ boys planning after Happy Valley’s ‘sublime’ return

Viewers complained about the return Mrs. Brown’s Boys in the new year.

In this divisive series, Brendan O’Carroll stars as Agnes Brown, a Dublin mother of six. It is based on the popular theater play and book series.

Following the “Unwatchable” Christmas episode that aired on December 25, Mrs. Brown’s Boys returned for a second special, this time for New Year’s Day on January 1.

Titled ‘In Mammy’s Hair Loom’, the story picks up where the Christmas episode left off, with suspicion swirling around Cathy’s (Jennifer Gibney) creepy boyfriend Boris.

Unfortunately, viewers were as dissatisfied with the New Year’s special as they were with the Christmas episode – perhaps even more so given its timing.

The special offer followed immediately after the long-awaited return Happy Valley.

The critically acclaimed and fan-favorite crime drama series starring Sarah Lancashire and James Norton returns for its third season on Sunday night (January 1).

His return was appreciated by viewers and critics. You can read Independentfour star review here.

Happy Valley (BBC)

Happy Valley (BBC)

“Watching totally brilliant but depressing Happy Valley just for it to end and Mrs. Brown’s Boys beginning. Haven’t we suffered enough tonight? one person said.

Another agreed, writing: “From the sublime to the ridiculous – Happy Valley followed by Mrs. Brown’s Boys… HV sucks you in while the latter is really awful.”

Happy Valley followed by Mrs. Brown’s Boyssaid the third person. “I don’t know which one is the most gloomy and depressing.”

“Brilliant episode, glad it’s back,” one person wrote Happy Valley. “And then the BBC follows suit Mrs. Brown’s Boys. Give me strength.”

“The BBC provides us with Sarah Lancashire’s brilliance for an hour and then ruins it by placing Mrs. Brown’s Boys right after. A show not fitting Dr Martens Catherine Cawood’s lace-up,” said another.

One person added: “Not even 24 hours until 2023 and that’s it Mrs. Brown’s Boys it’s on tv!!! This year is ruined! Many thanks to the BBC.

Others, however, defended the program against harsh criticism. “It will infuriate people, but for no reason: another good episode Mrs. Brown’s Boys. People are too snobbish and conceited and yes, I’ll say it!”

The BBC dominated the Christmas 2023 charts and you can find the top 15 most watched shows here.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys and Happy Valley are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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