First Lady Jill Biden talks about empowering women in the Akris – WWD dress

INTERESTING CHOICE: Leading a discussion on women’s empowerment in Mexico City, First Lady Jill Biden appeared wearing a cotton denim dress from an unexpected resource: Swiss designer Albert Kriemler of Akris.

The colorfully printed, button-down dress with a collar came from the brand’s 2023 resort collection. The First Lady and President Joe Biden arrived in Mexico on Sunday for a tumultuous tour that, among other things, highlighted the 200th year of bilateral relations between the two nations. FLOTUS hosted Mexico’s first lady Gutierrez Muller and her son Jesus at the White House last year on Cinco de Mayo.

On Tuesday, FLOTUS will have a media-free lunch with Muller and Canada’s First Lady Sophie Gregoire Trudeau at the Palacio Nacional, followed by a tour of the Templo Mayor. The Bidens will return home later in the day. Their 48-hour stay included a three-party dinner on Monday night with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife. Earlier in the day, FLOTUS supported local students at a flag football event hosted by Tochito NFL, a flag football program supported by the National Soccer League that promotes gender equality and empowerment of girls. During her speech on Monday at a meeting with students, Jill Biden noted: “Poetry and prose, dance and music can unite us across time, languages ​​and borders.”

Akris’ creative director is Albert Kriemler. Representatives of Akris did not immediately respond to the request to merge Akris and FLOTUS. The bespectacled designer headed to the Beltway last fall to unveil the Swiss boutique’s first store in Washington, D.C., at CityCenterDC. Kreimler, known for his thoughtful approach to fashion, willingly collaborates with painters, architects, photographers and other artists, joining forces with, among others, Carmen Herrera, Geta Bratescu and Thomas Ruff. The brand was founded in 1922 in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and Kreimler joined the company in 1980.

Another oft-photographed international celebrity, Princess Charlene of Monaco, is also an Akris fan who has worn designs from the collection on key performances in the principality and beyond. Prince Albert’s wife wore a sleeveless silver ecru gown with metallic lurex embroideries in the royal couple’s New Year’s video posted on Instagram to mark the start of 2023. Princess Charlene also appeared in fashion shows in Akris.

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