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Ulta Beauty’s newest newcomer, halal skincare brand Flora & Noor, is on a roll.

After winning top prizes at last year’s Rare Beauty Brands x Ulta Beauty x Black Girl Ventures Pitch as well as the Essence Festival of Culture’s New Voices + Chase Pitch competition, Flora & Noor celebrates another big win: becoming the first halal certified brand led by Ulta Beauty, where it will launch online on January 22.

For founder Jordan Karim, who attended high school near Ulta’s Chicago headquarters and first encountered beauty working at Allergan and Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon before launching her own brand, this moment has long been coming.

Jordan Karim, founder of Flora & Noor.

Jordan Karim, founder of Flora & Noor.

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“Working with Ulta has come full circle for me; are America’s largest cosmetics retailer, and my ultimate goal is to make halal beauty more accessible,” said Karim, noting that while Flora & Noor’s halal formulas – which is permitted by Islamic law – are intended to provide Muslim consumers with a choice of products that jeopardize their beliefs, the brand also has a growing number of non-Muslim admirers.

“People – especially Gen Z and Millennials – want to be a part of things they’ve never heard of before. Even if you’re not Muslim, you can still enjoy halal-certified products,” she said, likening the growing interest to the early days of K-beauty’s explosive growth.

For a cosmetic product to be halal, it must be made without alcohol or animal by-products and contain ingredients from ethical sources. In addition to meeting these criteria, Flora & Noor uses botanical versions of active ingredients such as powdered willow bark instead of salicylic acid and organic reishi mushroom for collagen-like benefits. pure beauty.

“All of our products are inspired by botanical innovations, traditions and ingredients from Africa and the Middle East,” said Karim, adding that the brand’s Rose Renewal collection of cleanser, toner and moisturizer uses rose petals from Egypt. Meanwhile, Flora & Noor looks to Ghana, Nigeria and Sudan for moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter. Prices range from $24 for Shea Sugar Scrub to $34 for Bright Side Vitamin C Serum.

“Halal-certified skin care products are in short supply in the United States, so Muslims have plenty of time to make their own,” says Karim, who recalls traveling extensively to see her extended family in Egypt, who had a spare room in their suitcase to be able to source halal products that cannot be purchased in the US

Now three years into business, Flora & Noor, which is also sold on Thirteen Lune and on Amazon, recently partnered with the ClearForMe ingredient database. Thanks to this partnership, consumers visiting the brand’s website will be able to learn about the benefits of commonly used Flora & Noor ingredients.

“There is so much skincare education out there that didn’t exist when I was younger, but I think social media can sometimes make things more confusing. We hope to make the beauty and our ingredients clearer and easier to digest thanks to halal,” said Karim, who plans further expansion in the UK and the Middle East in the coming years.

While the founder has not commented on the brand’s performance, industry sources believe Flora & Noor could earn around $700,000 in sales in 2023.

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