Generation Z, millennials, are open to alternative wedding rings

According to a new poll, two-thirds of Americans agree that planning a wedding today is more difficult than it was for previous generations.

A survey of 2,000 people who had recently planned or attended a wedding found that the majority (42%) needed between six months and a year to plan a wedding.

While only a fifth (20%) think they could do it in less than six months, and 23% need more than a year.

Compared to other generations, the majority (41%) of millennials need six months to a year, and 17% need one to two years.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Minted, the survey aimed to discover how today’s weddings combine modern trends with traditional customs, and to see which wedding customs are becoming a thing of the past.

One in five people believe that the custom of the bride wearing a white dress is officially an outdated tradition.

Another nearly one in five (19%) of those surveyed believe that mother-son and father-daughter dances are an outdated tradition, with 19% of millennials agreeing.

A quarter of people believe that the trend of the bride not being seen before the ceremony is outdated.

Roughly a quarter (23%) believe the modern tradition of having more than one bridesmaid or best man continues.

And one in five (20%) believe genderless weddings are the future.

“Increasingly, we see couples prioritizing a celebration that is truly authentic to them and rooted in what they consider important. Integration and acceptance took center stage. While many couples still honor the traditions of the past, they are also incorporating new customs of personal significance,” said a Minted Weddings spokesperson.

The study also found that the ideal number of wedding guests for this year’s gatherings is exactly 115.

And selecting these guests is no easy task, with more than a quarter (28%) saying that building a guest list is one of the biggest hurdles.

According to the respondents, entertaining guests is the biggest challenge when planning a wedding (30%).

Nearly three in ten (28%) believe that keeping all family members happy is another dilemma when planning a wedding, and 43% are concerned that some of their family members would be upset if they did not have a traditional celebration.

Respondents were divided on whether they would choose a more traditional (21%) or a more modern wedding (21%), but most often mixed both elements (43%).

In general, modern couples are still looking for traditional customs: 23% believe that a bouquet of flowers will never be outdated, more so than sit-down dinners (18%) and a slow dance to the first song (21%).

Ultimately, the majority (64%) of people agree that their wedding should be as special as their relationship.

“We see today’s couple combining modernity with tradition, creating a unique shot that is completely their own. Design is often the focal point of self-expression and serves as an avenue for an authentic expression of love,” said a spokesperson for Minted Weddings.

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