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Ilia Beauty focuses on skin care.

The brand, launched in 2011, launches Bright Start Activated Eye Cream on Tuesday.

The key ingredients, priced at $46, are sea fennel extract (a botanical alternative to retinol designed to brighten, firm and smooth, according to the brand), upcycled avocado extract (a non-waste active that targets the appearance of dark circles and puffiness ), as well as caffeine and peptides (which also help to remove puffiness). It was created to deal with under-eye problems so that people can apply concealer more smoothly.

Founder Sasha Plavsic has been adding skin care ingredients to her cosmetics for years with sustainability in mind. (To recycle the cream, buyers can request a free shipping label at and recycle the tube, tip and cap through Pact Collective.) She began formulating makeup products in the family garage and grew the company into a $100 million brand in 2021 – which was acquired by Courtin-Clarins family holding company Famille C in February 2022.

Ilia Beauty’s $46 Bright Start Activated Eye Cream uses sea fennel extract, a plant-based alternative to retinol.

Courtesy of Ilia Beauty

“It’s the first time they’ve taken over, so it’s new to them,” Plavsic said of Famille C. “And it’s new to us… Everyone wants their brands to succeed. And buyers want to see it because they paid for it and they need it to perform well. So I think with that in mind, and since it’s new to both of us, we’re going to learn a lot. We are committed to succeeding together, and that feels good.”

According to the company, Ilia Beauty reported 40 percent year-on-year growth in 2022 and anticipates 50 percent growth in its skincare product category in 2023. So far, the external color novelties have been foundation serum, blue light mist, overnight lip treatment and regenerating balm.

As the founder, Plavsic leads product development, creativity and marketing, and strives to launch more skin care products. But products need to “talk to each other”, she said: “One of the biggest things we did a few years ago was skin tone. It was really hard for me to have my foundation talking to my moisturizer and SPF and how those things communicate.”

Super Serum Skin Tint – the hero of the brand, sold over a million units since its launch in 2019 – is a foundation, moisturizer and SPF all in one. Moving forward, the goal is to create products that solve problems and work seamlessly together, while continuing to listen to the customer base (loyal, 18 to 65 years old).

“We can rely on some expertise and have access to information, raw materials, regulations, which are very large with each acquisition – and we ensure that it works properly,” added Plavsic of Famille C. “We have internal regulators now, so I think these are benefits we can really build on with the acquisition.”

Currently, the team consists of around 100 people (in 2019 there were only 20), and the office remains in Laguna Beach, California, where the brand is based, although most employees work remotely. (Plavsic was in Laguna Beach before moving to Canada, where she is from). Ilia Beauty plans to possibly open satellite offices around Los Angeles and New York City, she revealed, and adapt a hybrid working model.

Thereafter, the focus is on “developing the brand’s story, re-examining our values ​​and rethinking where we want this brand to go in the next decade,” said Plavsic. “That’s a big goal for 2023.”

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