Intel debuts “world’s fastest mobile processor” at CES 2023

Intel (INTC) is hitting CES 2023 with a bang, announcing a new lineup of mobile processors, including the world’s fastest laptop chip. The company’s 13th Gen Intel Core chips range from the high-end HX series to the entry-level N series, and will hit consumer laptops from many manufacturers later this year.

At the top of the spectrum is the Intel Core i9-13980HX chip. Equipped with as many as 24 cores for the first time in a laptop, including 8 performance cores for heavy tasks such as gaming and 14 performance cores for everyday activities such as web browsing, the top model HX can reach a maximum speed of 5.6 GHz .

That’s insanely fast for a processor and in most cases unnecessary for the vast majority of consumers. Of course, these are just the chip’s performance cores, and only when pushed to the limit. Otherwise, they will run at 2.2GHz. To put this in perspective, the Apple (AAPL) M1 Max, the company’s most powerful chip, clocks in at 3.2GHz, according to Anandtech.

Intel claims its new HX chip is the fastest mobile processor in the world.  (Photo credit: Intel)

Intel claims its new HX chip is the fastest mobile processor in the world. (Photo credit: Intel)

Aside from the high speeds, the HX is compatible with up to 128GB of RAM, an absurd number that gamers and professionals in need of hardcore performance will love. Don’t expect HX-equipped laptops to be cheap, though. These processors will only go to the most expensive laptops.

“The 13th Gen Intel Core mobile processor family brings unparalleled scalable performance to leadership platforms across all laptop segments,” said Michelle Johnston Holthaus, executive vice president and general manager, Intel Client Computing Group, in a statement.

“With our industry-leading technologies and unparalleled global ecosystem of partners, people can expect a high-level mobile experience in new and unique chassis, so they can play or create from anywhere.”

In addition to the HX series chips, Intel has also introduced new 13th generation Core P and Core U series processors. These chips are designed for the more mainstream laptops that will end up in the homes of most consumers. Core P and Core U processors have 14 cores, 6 for performance and 8 for performance.

The new Intel N-series chips are targeted at the education market.  (Photo credit: Intel)

The new Intel N-series chips are targeted at the education market. (Photo credit: Intel)

Then there are Intel’s new Core N series chips. Designed with the education market in mind, Intel says the processors offer improved performance and energy efficiency, with up to 10 hours of HD video playback.

Intel’s announcements come at a dangerous time for the company. CEO Pat Gelsinger is investing billions of dollars to transform the company by building his own chip manufacturing facilities and entering the discrete graphics market.

However, the last 12 months have not been kind to chipmakers. Consumers are buying fewer computers than at the height of the pandemic, which is crushing stock prices. Intel shares are down 48% over the past year, while those of rivals Nvidia and AMD are down 50% and 54% respectively.

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