Italian awesomeness, British wickedness and Cornish glamor – a week in the arts

Exhibition of the week

Giorgio Morandi
One of Italy’s greatest contemporary artists receives a beautiful and eye-opening display of his amazing still lifes.
• Estorick Collection, London, until April 30

It also shows

Marcus Harvey
Images of historical heroes and anti-heroes by the artist whose portrayal of Myra Hindley scandalized the 1990s.
• Wellington Arch, London, January 11 to March 19

Dan Flavin
Glowing modern masterpieces from this visionary sculptor of light.
• David Zwirner, London, January 12 to February 18

Charles-Henry Delafosse
Photographs of work and survival in Ivory Coast.
• Gerald Moore Gallery, Eltham, London, January 12-28

Barbara Hepworth
The greatest artist to have worked in St Ives, Cornwall, gets a show in a venue of her choice.
• Tate St Ives until 1 May

Image of the week

A woman takes a photo of Banski's work on a building destroyed by fighting in Borodyanka, Kyiv region, Ukraine, Sunday, November 13, 2022.

A woman takes a photo of Banski’s work on a building destroyed by fighting in Borodyanka, Kyiv region, Ukraine, Sunday, November 13, 2022.

A woman photographs Banksy’s work on a building destroyed by fighting in Borodyanka near Kiev. The painting is one of seven street murals painted by the British artist in and around the Ukrainian capital in November, whose fate is now widely debated after one of them was stolen – though it was later recovered. Read the full story here.

What have we learned

Glasgow is considering legalizing graffiti walls amid a boom in the city

A British collector has come together to help a Russian art museum in Spain

Museums in the US will be paying attention to the work of female artists this year

The British Museum was in secret talks with Greece over the return of the Parthenon marbles

American artist Dorothy Iannone, whose work focused on intense love, has died at the age of 89

A portrait of Victorian artist Richard Dadd painted while he was a patient of Bethlem will be on display

Japanese architect and “postmodern giant” Arata Isozaki has died

Two leading museums are arguing over a Vermeer painting

A museum in Texas returned a looted sarcophagus to Egypt

Masterpiece of the week

Vase with flowers, 1896, by Paul Gauguin
You wouldn’t necessarily guess that Gauguin painted this still life in Tahiti. After all, the flowers depicted here, such as bougainvillea and hibiscus, began to be imported to Europe as soon as ships began sailing around the world. Such botanical migrations meant that Gauguin’s successor, Henri Rousseau, could paint “jungles” simply from visits to the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. But this is not a scientific study of plants. It’s an image whose intoxicating fragrance you can smell as the intense colors of the flowers melt and shimmer in your mind, mingling with the drugged, golden rim of the mystery of tropical splendour. When Gauguin arrived to stay with Van Gogh in Arles, his friend greeted him with ecstatic images of sunflowers. Gauguin here responds to their brilliance with darker, stranger shades of longing.
• National Gallery, London

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