James Bye and wife are expecting their fourth child

James Bye and wife are expecting their fourth child [Instagram] source: Bang Showbiz

James Bye and his wife are expecting their fourth child.

The EastEnders actor, 38, and his wife Victoria, 40 – who already have children together, Edward, eight, Louis, six and Hugo, three – revealed that they are pregnant again after three years of trying.

Victoria wrote in a statement posted on both of her Instagram accounts: “So…we’ve kept a little secret…

“Not only are we welcoming the new year into 2023…

“I can’t believe I’m saying this. But we welcome another baby and we are in seventh heaven.

“We never thought it would happen. We always wanted a big family, but after all my struggles with endometriosis… painful miscarriages, visits to fertility doctors, 3 years of disappointment with ovulation tests – we honestly gave up.

“I remember thinking well. Enough. I collected things from the pram, they gave them all away. We both knew it couldn’t last, still hoping.

“And everything was fine, we accepted how lucky we were, so we carried on with our lives.

“And life got crazy.

“I started training for the marathon, we started planning my vows renewal abroad, James started an intensive Strictly program… it all culminated in a big 40th anniversary bonanza.

“And would you fucking believe it… Somehow life saw all our plans – and threw us a curveball… (How we found the time, I’ll never know – ‘Stern curse’ you say?! Ha – Introducing the glitter baby!)

“And suddenly our world has turned upside down… The boys are stunned (“Now we’ll always have someone to sit next to on the roller coaster!” Always practical Louis) and yet I smile, still amazed that I can’t help but worry…

“I think after losing a child you can never fully let go and enjoy … despite the reassuring symptoms (thanks to all-day ‘morning sickness’) and the doctors all nodding their heads … you can’t let go of the fear.

“So all I can do is just count the days and hope…”

Victoria also admitted she was struggling to fit into a wedding dress for the upcoming marriage vows renewal ceremony in St Lucia next week.

She added: “Except I’m trying to forget that I have to fit into a wedding dress in a week! Seriously, my tits! they are huge!

“Thanks for all your support last year, but if you need to unfollow for a while… trust me, I get it. Pregnancy announcements just keep coming when you’re trying… but I’m also hoping that this can offer a little bit of hope too.

“And if anything else. You’ll laugh as you watch me try to stop my boobs from getting x-rated on the beach at our vows next week…

“2023 – wish us good luck xx.”

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