Julen Lopetegui blames officials for Wolves’ refusal to win over Liverpool: ‘Offside doesn’t exist’

Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Julen Lopetegui speaks to referee Andrew Madley after the final whistle of the Emirates FA Cup Liverpool vs Wolverhampton Wanderers third round match – Julen Lopetegui blames the referees for refusing Wolves to win over Liverpool: “Offside doesn’t exist” – Steve Flynn / Getty Images

Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Jules Lopetegui has accused officials of denying his players glory for knocking out FA Cup holders Liverpool on a “clearly wrong” offside.

Tote Gomes thought he had given his team a late Anfield winner only to have the linesman’s flag interrupt his celebration, with the assistant video referee unable to find enough evidence to contradict the call.

Lopetegui said Wolves had their own “tactical camera” which showed there was no reason not to disregard a goal that would have secured a 3-2 win.

“I saw the locker room replay on our tactical camera,” explained Lopetegui.

“We scored a goal. I have to accept it, but it’s not offside. It’s very clear. One mistake means we can’t continue in the next round.

“We’ve seen it. Offside doesn’t exist, sorry. It is impossible. Someone told him it was offside, but we’ve seen the pictures. It doesn’t exist. Two touches are our players and he doesn’t want the second.

“The decision is wrong. I make mistakes every day, sometimes mistakes too. Today we have VAR help, which is a shame because I’m sorry, it’s not offside.”

Lopetegui went to the umpire’s office to speak with referee Andy Madley after the game.

“We can not do anything. We spoke to the judge. He was very kind to listen to us. They can make a mistake. The truth is we scored three goals,” he said.

“He tried to explain it to me, but it was very, very clear. More or less I could show him that the goal was important. Today we are unlucky with decisions and also unlucky because we had enough chances to win this game.

The Wolves coach was also unhappy with Liverpool’s second goal, scored by Mohammed Salah, despite being ruled offside before a mistake by Wolves defender Tote gave him a chance.

“One player took advantage of his position, Mohamed Salah, who was offside before Toti touched the ball, so he got an advantage,” said Lopetegui.

“Toti, of course, only does it because of offside.

“So we have to accept that too. In the end, their goal was (considered) valid and ours was (considered) offside.

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has said he understands why Wolves are unhappy.

“We had a similar situation against Arsenal, so I understand the frustration of those who want to make the right decision. I only saw one camera perspective,” he said.

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