Matt Hancock is shutting down his beloved app – but don’t worry, he’s just moving to TikTok

Matt Hancock seems to be trying to turn his career into an influencer

Matt Hancock seems to be trying to turn his career into an influencer

Matt Hancock seems to be trying to turn his career into an influencer

Matt Hancock (app, not MP) is shutting down because Matt Hancock (MP, not app) encourages his fans to go with him to ICT.

Yes, in a weird way, Matt Hancock’s app – which caused some excitementfuss and hilarity at Westminster when it premiered in February 2018 – is about to shut down, destroying its loyal fan base.

He was secretary of culture at the time of its launch, and the app was intended to inform and update his West Suffolk constituents while promoting “healthy, open and impartial debate within the community”.

At the time, the Tories were heavily criticized for their bland attempts to take over social media. This was then brought up by former culture secretary Nadine Dorries and then Prime Minister Boris Johnson on TikTok – but it provided more fodder for online critics.

Writing on his self-proclaimed app on Tuesday night, Hancock broke the news to his Hancock colleagues: “BREAKING….

“After almost 5 wonderful years, it’s time to say goodbye to Matt Hancock’s iconic app – a platform that has provided many exclusives, including my support for Rishi Sunak for the prime minister

“While the news will be a blow to those who don’t remember life before the app, fear not…

“For those wondering where they can get my latest updates, I will keep you updated on TikTok.

“Follow me here: @matthanock

“Thanks for the memories and see you soon.

″#all good things must come to an end.

His post was followed by a wave of comments, including the words “MATT THE APP IS ALL I HAVE” and “Matt, you made me cry.”

For context, these were the types of posts people usually share on the app:

The MP for West Suffolk has been trying to reinvent himself recently, more than a year after he resigned as health secretary at the height of the epidemic. pandemic over their own violation of Covid social distancing measures.

Despite his support for Sunak during the Tory leadership race, Hancock failed to secure a new cabinet post when his candidate secured his 10th seat last autumn.

He then went to ITV I’m a star… Take me away from here!, which meant he quickly lost the Tory whip and faced backlash that he was not prioritizing his constituents.

Hancock finished third in the contest before announcing in December that he would not run for MP at the next election.

It’s unclear what he intends to do next, but he’s been on TikTok amid promises of finding new ways to “reach people.” For example, he recently posted one particular video where he jokes about the time he cried on live TV during the pandemic.

Hancock tried to get a job as a special UN envoy to help with Covid recovery in Africa in October 2021, but the UN withdrew the offer a few days later.

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