Prince Harry drove through the tunnel where Diana died at the same speed of 65mph while trying to ‘close’

Prince Harry has revealed that he asked his chauffeur to drive through the Paris tunnel where his mother Princess Diana died in 1997 at the same 100mph speed her car was traveling at before the accident in which she died.

The Duke of Sussex reflected on finding a solution after his mother’s death in his new diary, Reserveaccording to People. In an excerpt shared by the publication, Harry wrote about attending the 2007 Rugby World Cup semi-final in Paris when he was 23 years old. There he talked to his chauffeur about the tunnel in Paris his mother was going through when her car crashed.

“The World Championship provided me with a driver and on my first night in the City of Lights, I asked him if he knew the tunnel where my mum…” he wrote. “I watched his eyes in the rearview mirror get bigger. The tunnel is called Pont de l’Alma, I told him. Yes Yes. He knew about it.

Harry, who was 12 when Diana died, explained how he asked the driver to “go through the tunnel” to be exactly “65mph”.

“The exact speed at which mum’s car was supposed to be going, according to the police, at the time of the accident,” he continued. “Not 120mph as originally reported by the press.”

The Duke then wrote about how the driver and a person in the passenger seat, who was described as “Billy the Rock”, agreed to the ride. According to Harry, Billy also said that “if the driver ever reveals to another man that we asked him to, we will find him and there will be hell to pay.”

He then reflected on the significance of this tunnel and the night of his mother’s death. Diana died in a car accident at the age of 36, which was famously blamed on the paparazzi who followed the princess as she drove through Paris. Diana’s boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and her chauffeur, Henri Paul, also died in the accident.

“We set off, weaving through the traffic, past the Ritz where mum had her last meal with her boyfriend that August night,” Harry wrote. “Then we got to the end of the tunnel. We sped forward, over the edge at the entrance to the tunnel, the pothole that supposedly caused Mom’s Mercedes to veer off course. But the lip was nothing. We barely felt it.”

He continued describing his reaction upon entering the tunnel, writing: “I leaned forward, watched the light turn to a kind of watery orange, watched the concrete pillars shimmer. I counted them, counted the heartbeats, and after a few seconds we emerged from the other side.”

He noticed that he then asked himself, “Is that all? That `s nothing. Just a simple tunnel“. Harry stressed that the experience was not what he had expected, as “he had always envisioned the tunnel as a treacherous passage, inherently dangerous, but it was just a short straight tunnel with no frills.”

He recalled saying in his car that “there’s no reason anyone should die inside [the tunnel],which was a remark to which the driver and Billy Rock did not respond.

Harry Spare's book is about meeting the woman who delivered the message from his mother Diana, Princess of Wales (Martin Keene/PA) (PA Archives)

Harry Spare’s book is about meeting the woman who delivered the message from his mother Diana, Princess of Wales (Martin Keene/PA) (PA Archives)

Harry continued the passage by explaining that he had asked to go through the tunnel again before thanking his driver for doing so. He also said why he thought the ride was “a very bad idea”.

“I’ve had a lot of bad ideas in twenty-three years, but this one was particularly ill-conceived. I told myself I wanted closure, but I didn’t really want to,” he wrote. “Deep down I was hoping to feel in this tunnel what I felt when JLP gave me the police file – disbelief. Doubt. Instead, it was a night where all doubts vanished.

He said that driving through the tunnel allowed him to shut up, but also caused him a great deal of pain.

“She’s dead, I thought, ‘My God, she’s really gone for good,'” he continued. “I have the closure I pretended to be looking for. I do not care. And now I would never be able to get rid of it. I thought going through the tunnel would put an end, or for a short while, to the pain, a decade of unrelenting pain. Instead, it brought the beginning of Pain, Part Deux.”

In addition to this recollection of his trip to Paris, Harry has written other passages about his mother and feeling grief in a memoir due to be released on January 10. According GuardianHarry remembered how losing his mother had led him to a woman with “powers” who had given him a “message” from Diana.

“You’re living a life she couldn’t,” says Harry, as told by an anonymous person. “You’re living the life she wanted for you.”

The woman informed him that Diana “feels [his] confusion” and also knew that he was “seeking clarity” and had “so many questions”. She also told him a story about an ornament that she claimed his mother knew about because “it was there.”

“Your mom says…something about a Christmas ornament? from mother? Or grandma? is it falling? Broke?” Harry quoted a woman in his book that included an anecdote about how his son Archie accidentally broke a Christmas ornament in the shape of the late Queen Elizabeth.

“Archie tried to fix it,” Harry told the woman, who replied, “Your mother says she laughed a bit at it.”

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