Samsung debuts new Micro LED TVs at CES 2023, don’t expect to be able to afford them

Samsung is cutting the size and hopefully the price of its excellent Micro LED TVs. (Photo credit: Samsung)

Samsung is releasing big guns at CES 2023, announcing new sizes for its top Micro LED TVs that should make them a bit more affordable for consumers, though not anywhere near the price of the average set.

Micro LED combines the best features of OLED TVs with the best features of LCD TVs, offering the brilliant colors and deep blacks of OLED TVs with the brightness of LCD panels. But they are also incredibly expensive and large.

At CES 2022, Samsung presented Micro LED screens with a diagonal of 89 to 110 inches. Not quite something that will fit in most living rooms. In terms of cost, you’re looking at $80,000 or more.

This year, however, Samsung is lowering its Micro LED kits a bit, increasing their size range from 50 inches to 140 inches. These smaller Micro LED TVs will likely be slightly cheaper than their larger predecessors, but still well out of most people’s price ranges. Samsung has not yet revealed the prices of TVs.

Still, it’s an impressive development that means Micro LED prices could come down in the long run like other TV tech has done in the past.

Samsung is also introducing new versions of its Neo QLED TVs.  (Photo credit: Samsung)

Samsung is also introducing new versions of its Neo QLED TVs. (Photo credit: Samsung)

In addition to the new Micro LED sizes, Samsung has announced that it is expanding the sizes of its OLED TVs, but adding a 77-inch model to its lineup. The OLED lineup also achieves a refresh rate of up to 144Hz, which is a welcome addition for gamers.

Speaking of gamers, Samsung is rolling out an update to its GameBar 3.0 via a new minimap sharing and virtual aimpoint. Minimap Sharing allows you to share the minimap of the game you are playing on a secondary screen which sounds a bit counterintuitive as you would probably want to see your minimap on the same screen you are actually playing on.

Meanwhile, the virtual aim point is designed for first-person shooters and will make the on-screen crosshair more noticeable, making it easier to eliminate enemies. However, you’ll still need to know how to play the crosshair to make a difference.

There are also Neo QLED TVs. These sets use mini LEDs to power the backlight, making colors more accurate than standard LED TVs. In 2023, Samsung is adding Auto HDR Remastering, which it says will take standard dynamic range content and apply real-time high dynamic range effects to make colors look more vibrant and appealing.

I love checking out a good TV, so I’ll be sure to personally check out Samsung’s latest and greatest TV. But the company isn’t the only one showing off new TVs at CES 2023. LG and others are introducing their own flat-screen TVs at the show. In other words, it’s still hard to say which company will take the cake when it comes to taking the TV crown this year.

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