Sarah Beeny reveals she will have her final chemotherapy session this week

    (Sara Beeny)

(Sara Beeny)

Sarah Beeny has revealed she is due to undergo her final chemotherapy treatment this week.

Earlier, the TV star explained that her latest session was canceled after medics discovered her liver count was too high and her white blood cell count too low.

Sharing the happy news, the real estate expert posted a glowing photo on Instagram on Wednesday of him enjoying a “good day” playing a board game with his sons.

In the photo, the 50-year-old appeared to be having a great time as her sons gathered around the table before announcing she was due to undergo her final chemotherapy treatment on Friday.

Beeny wrote: “Never, ever let your kids beat you at monopoly!!!

“Today is a good day – fingers crossed for last chemo on Friday AND Raffey has landed in Mayfair!!! xxxx”.

In light of her chemistry news, followers flocked to her comment section and shared their congratulations, with one caption: “Congratulations for getting through chemistry!!”

“I’m so glad your last chemo arrived absolute ps fighter did someone cheat in monopoly??!!!… the banker usually does this,” said another.

A third shared: “You are a great inspiration Sarah, you are doing great and good luck with your latest chemo, my friend just had her last too. Touring for both of you to be in shape soon and well x”.

On Wednesday, the Channel 4 star sent New Year’s wishes to her followers on social media, giving them more information on her battle with breast cancer.

Sharing a photo of a cup of coffee and some biscuits, Beeny explained she was “lying like a dowager princess” after her treatment was cancelled.

Signing the post, she revealed: “This morning the brilliant Billy Swift delivered the perfect tray!! Happy belated New Year to all…

“I’ve been lying a bit like a dowager princess since the last chemo treatment on the 30th was canceled because the liver count was too high and the white blood cells too low…

“Just as you think you are there….. a little less Eeyore now and hopefully this week will be better…. I hope you all party for me!!! Thank you all for the beautiful messages!”

The real estate expert shared the news of her diagnosis in August, having previously said she had almost expected the disease to develop after losing her mum to cancer at the age of 39.

Beeny – who is best known for her work on UK real estate schemes including Help! My House Is Falling Down and Sarah Beeny’s New Life In The Country, she told The Telegraph she started chemotherapy to treat her cancer and underwent surgery.

At that time, she also shared the information that she would undergo radiation therapy in the New Year.

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