The best après ski bars in Les Deux Alpes

Bar Le Pano, Les Deux Alpes

Bar Le Pano, Les Deux Alpes

Les Deux Alpes is famous for having one of the liveliest après scenes of any resort in France. After partying in the afternoon, there are about 30 bars in the city to choose from, and if you’re at dance camp until dawn, you won’t be disappointed.

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Le Motown Café

Le Motown Café is a nice little bar where you can sip cocktails and enjoy homemade tapas (free) to Motown music.

Contact: 00 33 4 76 80 55 47;

Le Motown Café, Les Deux Alpes - Monica Dalmasso

Le Motown Café, Les Deux Alpes – Monica Dalmasso

Bar Le Pano

Upstairs opposite the Jandri Express midway station, Le Pano Bar is where the afternoon DJ party starts from 3pm to 5pm. Later, the action moves to about 30 bars in the city.


L’Avalanche Club

A resort institution for the late-night crowds, L’Avalanche Club has been around for almost 20 years and is open from 11:30am to 6:00am. It features a mix of dance and house music and themed nights and competitions.

Contact: 00 33 4 76 80 52 44;

L'Avalanche Club, Les Deux Alpes

L’Avalanche Club, Les Deux Alpes

Smithy’s Tavern

Smithy’s Tavern is a huge wooden cottage with a restaurant and bar that is particularly popular with British visitors for its craft beers and home-made “genepi fusion”.


Smithy's Tavern, Les Deux Alpes

Smithy’s Tavern, Les Deux Alpes

Chez Nous 2

A new tapas bar run by two enthusiastic ladies, Ophélie and Sophie. They offer local products as well as specialties from their homeland in southwestern France. Located on Place de Venosc, Chez Nous 2 is a friendly and cozy place to stop for a drink and a bite to eat.

Contact: 00 33 4 76 79 07 34;


K.ré, on Rue des Vikings, is famous for its huge menu of shots with 150 to choose from. The music is “acid jazz” in the early evening, turning to electro at the end of the night.

Contact: 00 33 6 30 93 45 00

K.ré, Les Deux Alpes

K.ré, Les Deux Alpes

Chamois Lodge Bistrot

Le Bistrot du Chamois Lodge, on the ground floor of the hotel of the same name, offers a warm and cozy atmosphere and an extensive cocktail list, including weekly specials. Huge platters of local cheeses and meats are available to order, and there’s a wonderful outdoor terrace with heaters and open fireplaces.


Bistrot Chamois Lodge, Les Deux Alpes

Bistrot Chamois Lodge, Les Deux Alpes

Windsor Pub

He claims to have been the first bar to open after the resort opened, and the Windsor Pub is still growing. The atmosphere is friendly and there is a selection of 100 beers. Open until 2am.

Contact: 00 33 9 60 45 80 81;

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