The PS5 shortage is over, says Sony – but is it really?

From now on, PlayStation 5 should be easier to find, says Sony (AFP/Getty Images)

From now on, PlayStation 5 should be easier to find, says Sony (AFP/Getty Images)

Players, rejoice: the PS5 shortage is officially over! This is according to Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, who shared the news during the company’s presentation at CES.

“Anyone who wants a PS5 should have a much easier time finding it at retailers around the world from now on,” Ryan said.

That’s little consolation for those who have tried and failed to find a console for Christmas, but it should be of some use to those who have opted for IOU notes.

Assuming it’s true, of course. We looked around to see how easy it is to get a PS5 in London today. Long and short? Fairly simple, but generally easier if you’re willing to pay extra for a bundle. Although at the time of writing Amazon has a free console bundle on disc for £479.99 and even a digital version is available at the suggested retail price.

Can I buy a PS5 today?

Yes. If you have half a grand sat in your account doing nothing, you can easily pick up a PS5 today – but you certainly don’t have the flexibility that Ryan’s comments suggest.

You can pre-order the God of War: Ragnarok PS5 Bundle for quick pickup from Argos stores in Holborn, Westminster, Cheapside, Islington, Tottenham Court Road and more.

However, if you don’t want God of War? You have no luck. Argos has neither the base console nor the digital version in stock. And since it’s a digital copy of the game, you can’t just trade it in (Ebay has lots of people trying to unload theirs at the time of writing).

It’s a similar story in john lewis and Currys, with the latter not even mentioning non-packaged consoles on the page. But if you’re fast Amazon has the unpacked PS5 available for delivery for £479.99.

What about the digital edition?

The £389 digital edition without a disc drive was hard to find from day one, even by PS5 standards. At first it didn’t seem to be getting better, but in the last few minutes Amazon has listed the console for a suggested retail price of £389 – a drop of over £200 from its previously ridiculously overpriced price.

This is a very promising sign, but you may still want to act fast. at the start, Eurogamer was told by retailers that between 75% and 80% of the stock received was the disc version. It seems Sony just doesn’t make as many digital consoles.

Why is accessibility improving?

It’s not entirely clear if this change is due to greater component availability or weaker demand for the PS5.

In December, Ryan pointed that supply issues have been resolved in Asia, which should have an impact on global availability.

But trying to sell expensive hardware in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis with sky-high electricity prices isn’t entirely ideal – especially since Sony has already had to raise prices once before.

In August, Sony has increased the price of digital and disc consoles by £30 each. In other words, even if you can find a PS5 unleashed at RRP, you’re looking at £389 or £479. It’s a pretty big question when energy prices cap rose to £4,279 earlier this month.

How is the PS5 doing?

At this point, 26 months after launch, around 30 million PS5 consoles are under TVs around the world, according to Sony. That means it’s already close to a fifth of the way to beating the PS2’s all-out sales of around 157 million units.

But the PS2 didn’t arrive with the double hit of a global pandemic followed by a cost of living crisis. With that in mind, just beating the Xbox Series X and S (an an estimated total of 20 million to date) and catching the PS3 (about 87 million units) could mean a victory for Sony.

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