trying to talk to the judges is like talking to “my microwave”

Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp protests with the fourth referee

Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp protests with the fourth referee

Jürgen Klopp has claimed that trying to talk to the referees was like talking to “my microwave” as Liverpool’s Champions League hopes to fail after a deserved 3-1 defeat away to Brentford.

The Liverpool manager was dissatisfied with Brentford’s set-piece tactics, and when asked if he complained about them, he said: “Yeah, but actually it’s exactly the same as if I was talking to my microwave, you don’t get any response, really. It’s just really always the same.”

Klopp told Bein Sports: “They gave us advice before the season that players have to be careful with set pieces because the referees will keep an eye on that. Everything is allowed in these games. He’s always on edge and they take advantage of that.”

Despite Klopp’s complaints, former player Jamie Carragher dismissed Liverpool’s first-half performance as “shambolic” and described them as “an aging team”.

The result left Liverpool sixth in the Premier League, four points behind fourth-placed Manchester United – who had played a game more – with league leaders Arsenal standing a chance of 18 points ahead of them if they beat Newcastle United at home on Tuesday night.

“It was rude”

After the match, Sky Sports pundit and Telegraph columnist Carragher focused most of his criticism on the weaknesses of Liverpool’s aging midfielder.

“It’s like they’re trying to play Jürgen Klopp’s way without Jürgen Klopp’s players, that’s the best way I can describe it,” said the former defender. “They don’t have players in midfield to keep players from raising their heads.

“When you watch Liverpool at their best you couldn’t have half a second on the ball, someone would be above you… but now Liverpool are like a normal team in terms of pressing but they still play with a high line and the balls go behind them and it’s a huge problem for them” .

At half-time, when Liverpool were lucky to concede only two goals, Carragher was even more fierce and concluded: “They gave themselves so much to do so often. Liverpool have struggled all season with teams that have intensity and aggression. It looks like the aging team is coming to an end, and it’s been chaotic. “

Fabinho and Darwin Nunez of Liverpool applaud fans after a Premier League match at Gtech Community Stadium - PA

Fabinho and Darwin Nunez of Liverpool applaud fans after a Premier League match at Gtech Community Stadium – PA

Klopp was defiant, believing Liverpool had chances and should have scored twice before they conceded. He also criticized referee Stuart Attwell who believed the referee should have intervened on Brentford’s set-piece tactics because they “create chaos”.

“They [Brentford] they are very dangerous at corner kicks, they give their all, the referee doesn’t help in those moments, they [Brentford] they stretch the rules, they hold, they block, they do it well… they push themselves to the limit with body contact,” Klopp said.

‘Brentford have the match they wanted’

He also argued that Brentford’s third goal, which confirmed the late result, should have been ruled out due to a “clear foul” on Ibrahim Konate. “It was a full throttle sprint from two players and when you get the push [from Bryan Mbeumo] you’re falling,” he said.

Klopp added: “We’re not happy with the performance now, but we struggled, but as I said, it was a lot more of a game they wanted than us.”

Brentford head coach Thomas Frank shrugged off Klopp’s complaints as he praised another eye-catching result for his side, who are currently seventh in the table.

“I think we have some very, very good referees. There are four on the pitch and then we have the Var hall and it’s never been harder to score,” said Frank.

“I hope the fans have big dreams and I hope the players do too… It’s just among the best [results] so defeating them is a great satisfaction. But going to Etihad and beating City [before the World Cup] was the greatest.”

Klopp also praised Brentford’s performance but continued: “We can only change our position by winning football games. We can’t take any of it. We have to win matches. We have many players unavailable at the moment.

Virgil Van Dijk added to this by coming off as a precaution at half-time after feeling “a little muscle” in his right leg while Jordan Henderson was out as he suffered a concussion.

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