Valentino Monogram Dresses and Matching Tattoos – Inside Selena Gomez and Nicola Peltz’s New Year’s Eve Outing

Selena Gomez and Nicola Peltz (Instagram / Selena Gomez)

Selena Gomez and Nicola Peltz (Instagram / Selena Gomez)

As we begin a new year full of fresh trends and cultural “climate change”, there’s one spectacle we can rely on: celebrities going on ultra-chic vacations that we watch with bitterness on Instagram.

To kick off 2023, global pop star Selena Gomez had fun with newfound “three” (her words, not ours) Nicola Peltz Beckham and Brooklyn Beckham on a luxury yacht in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Despite only recently developing a friendship – the three of them first met at the premiere of Gomez’s slumber party during her “My Mind and Me” documentary last November – they are fast becoming three-sided beasts. Example: They celebrated Thanksgiving together that same month, then were spotted visiting a Nobu facility in Los Angeles in December.

Of course, ringing on New Year’s Day is the ultimate sign of closeness – and if their PDA-powered snapshots are anything notable, they’re practically inseparable.

“I love you so much,” Peltz Beckham wrote in a photo of her and Gomez applying lip gloss to a fitted white bikini aboard a yacht. Her husband could be seen in the comments, replying: “I love you xx.”

Below is a chart of a four-day celebrity vacation that was a triumph of glittering designer gowns, crystal-clear swims in the Pacific Ocean… and Jenga.

guest list

The trio was joined by Gomez’s longtime best friend, author and podcaster Raquelle Stevens, and her younger brother Caleb P Stevens, a recent University of Berkeley graduate.

In 2018, Gomez was embroiled in dating rumors with Caleb after they were spotted hanging out in New York and Fleischmann. “They are absolutely just friends,” a source close to Gomez said at the time. “They don’t meet.”

To further quell the rumors, Stevens invited his girlfriend, Lex Cortez, who posted photos in her Stories to her jealous 1,300 followers.

Also present were photographer Hunter Moreno, a mainstay of the influential Los Angeles social media scene – he has worked with artists such as Bella Thorne, Logan Paul and Tana Mongeau – and his partner Vanessa Tara.

The group uploaded photos of themselves swimming in the sea and playing on the beach, showing that the newlyweds and Gomez had already linked their friendship circles.


With A-lists blessing our feeds with countless photo dumps, we’ve gained some insight into their Mexican vacation itinerary. Arriving on December 28, the group spent their short stay in Mexico dancing on a private yacht overlooking the crystal-clear Pacific Ocean, playing with noodle sticks, competing in Jenga games and applying makeup with makeup artist Alysa Tan in a communal dressing table and eating shrimp cocktails.

On that big night, the famous couple went to the beach, where photographer Moreno captured them playing with fireworks, laughing heartily, and filmed a rather intimate video of the two newlyweds kissing passionately.


No VIP vacation would be complete without headline-generating outfits. New-fashion buddies Gomez and Peltz Beckham showed off their bond through a host of matching looks, from all-white disguises while dancing aboard a yacht to a special New Year’s Eve outfit in which they both wore identical Valentino silver backless gowns.

Posting on both of her social media, Gomez captioned a photo of the twin couple in their tight dresses: “Thank you @maisonvalentino for my and my angels dresses! I felt like a fairy!”

While Peltz Beckham wrote: “Happy New Year 🥂🤠thank you @maisonvalentino @yigit @pppiccioli for the matching dream dresses.”

In two more photos shared by Peltz Beckham, it was revealed that the women’s names were embroidered on their Valentino dresses along with the year “2023”. Both stars have a deep history with the brand, with Peltz Beckham famously custom-made wedding dress during her highly publicized wedding to Brooklyn Beckham last April, and Gomez regularly seen in the designs of the luxury Italian fashion house.

Selena Gomez and Nicola Peltz Beckham with matching 'angel' tattoos (Selena Gomez)

Selena Gomez and Nicola Peltz Beckham with matching ‘angel’ tattoos (Selena Gomez)

The two took their matching holiday look a step further by painting together. Gomez posted a picture of the two with the word “angel” tattooed on their forearms. While some might think it’s a drastic measure for a two-month friendship, it’s actually a tried and tested bonding ritual for the former Wizards of Waverly Place star.

In addition to the “angel” tattoo, Gomez also has matching “4” tattoos with fellow vacation buddy Stevens, as well as matching rose tattoos with model/actress Cara Delevingne (“Cara calls me Rosebud, so that’s a nickname,” she explained.) on Live with Kelly and Ryan in January).

Moreover, she also has separated friends, singer Julia Michaels and Francia Raisa, with whom Gomez publicly quarreled in October after she said Taylor Swift was her “only friend in the industry” even though actress Raisa’s long-time friend she donated her kidney to Gomez in 2017.

The three seem to definitely enjoy each other’s company. Watch this place for debauched dinner dates and enviable summer vacation plans.

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