Warning after children play on frozen pond in south London and dog rescued after falling into water

Heron Pond was frozen in Bushy Park, Richmond (provided/Royal Parks Police)

Heron Pond was frozen in Bushy Park, Richmond (provided/Royal Parks Police)

Police have issued an alert after children were seen playing on a frozen pond in south London as a fisherman had to rescue a drowning dog.

Royal Parks Police said a dog fell under the ice at Heron Pond in Bushy Park on Sunday, and images of children playing on a frozen pond in Richmond’s park were also shared.

“Don’t let your children or dogs get on the ice, it’s dangerous. Walk dogs on a leash near the ponds, advises the police.

A video posted to social media shows local fisherman Jason Biggin pulling a dog out of -3°C water on Sunday morning, clutching a fishing net.

He wrote on Facebook: “Very happy escape of this dog…at Heron Pond in Bushy Park as he was running across a frozen lake chasing birds and fell through the ice. I believe he still has 30 seconds left before he drowns.

After his heroic deed, he warned others against attempting to enter the frozen water.

“I fish this pond regularly, know the exact depths and underwater features, and had waders and a large net on hand. Don’t think you can walk into a frozen lake or water.”

The warning comes just weeks after four boys died after being pulled from a frozen lake in Solihull in the West Midlands on December 11.

The boys were brothers Samuel Butler (6) and Finlay Butler (8), their cousins ​​Thomas Stewart (11) and Jack Johnson (10). They were pulled from the icy water at Babbs Mill Lake and rushed to the hospital.

At the time of their deaths, Superintendent Rich Harris said: “This is a tragedy beyond words and a sadness that is unimaginable to the boys’ families and friends.”

The Met Office issued a fog warning for London until 11am on Monday as temperatures dropped to -8C in parts of the capital overnight.

Dozens of flights have been canceled at Heathrow due to fog. The airport recorded the coldest night since December 2010 and the coldest January night since 1987, when the temperature dropped to minus 8.4°C.

More than 80 British Airways flights have been grounded, according to Heathrow departure boards, causing chaos with flights to Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Rome and the long haul to Miami.

Monday afternoon will remain cold and dry with a maximum temperature of just 5 degrees Celsius. The rest of the week will stay in the single digits with fog and freezing fog expected Tuesday morning before clearing into sunny weather.

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